The Times

 "Two pints of lager and a cracking little play."


We're all going to the rock’n’roll ball! We've teamed up with top theatre and TV writer Luke Barnes (Bottleneck, All I Ever Wanted Was Everything,Ten Storey Love Song) to bring CINDERELLA to your local in Derby, Manchester and London this Christmas. An immersive cracker, Cinderella will be full of laughs, live music and dancing with all the characters you’d expect to find in boozers at Chrimbo...and a few you definitely wouldn’t! This is set to be an outrageous night out, think Tarantino meets Shameless, meets ELF...all in a real local boozer!


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The Stage

"There is not a single false note from the company - a celebration of love, life and, due to the show’s own sparkle, theatre."



Broadway Baby  

"Their words bounce and weave, dropping in hilarious one-liners or heart wrenching pathos" 


The Scotsman 

"The young ensemble is engaging, the writing sharp and Fairhurst’s direction deft. A bravura site specific production."



Edinburgh Guide 

"Great cast, great concept, a totally immersive experience that leaves you wanting more."


Jimmy Fairhurst


Andrew Butler, Jimmy Fairhurst, Alex Griffin-Griffiths, Louise Haggerty, David Mumeni, Katherine Pearce, Adam Scales, Anjana Vasan & Anthony Wright-Wilson