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Forging relationships between traditional theatre buildings and a network of pubs, clubs and gig venues, Not Too Tame are challenging the preconceptions of what theatre should and can be.

Grab pint, take a seat and get a load of this!

Not Too Tame are looking for partners based across England, Scotland and Wales for their Access All Areas (AAA) Urban Rural Touring Network. 

NTT are a multi award winning theatre company working in ensemble to produce unique, immersive, site specific productions in non traditional theatre spaces. We create work that breaks the boundaries of tame, polite theatre which celebrates regional identity and champions Community. We are committed to giving a voice to those rarely heard on stage. We are the antidote for those who feel Theatre isn't for them. We are you. We are Not Too Tame. 

Our aim is to strategically select a series of 10 (approx) towns and cities across the UK to be part of the NTT Network (with potential for further growth).  Each of our chosen locations will have :

  • 1 Main Arts Host (NPO, Venue or Artistic Body) 

NTT will then go through our own research, site visit and selection process, as well as working with the local knowledge of the Main Arts Host staff in order to find:

  • 3 suitable Local Community Performance Venues (minimum) to include: 

    • Pubs

    • Working Men's Clubs

    • Live Music Venues

Once the network infrastructure is in place, there will be a menu of the highest quality, yet affordable small to mid scale work ready to circulate around these community gems of the UK .

We have had immense successes to date in engaging new audiences from those identified by ACE as 'not yet engaged'. We have identified that 32% of all our audiences of tours between 2014-2018 where 1st time theatre attenders. 98% of those audiences returned to watch further NTT productions. 38% of audience between 2015-2018 identified themselves as Working Class.

We have developed and enjoy fruitful relationships with various Creative People and Places areas such as Kirklees (West Yorkshire) as well as Theatre buildings and companies such as The Lowry (Salford), Derby Theatre (Derby), Paines Plough (touring) and Harlow Playhouse (Harlow) as well our own Push Things Forward collective (Nabakov, Middle Child and Not Too Tame). We have successfully worked with all of the above to engage new audiences, boost local economy and cross pollinate audiences between arts and social hubs. 

Our Urban Rural Touring network will see a second tier of workshop activity, post performance, which will be open to audiences of all ages to raise awareness of careers in the arts. These workshops will include taster sessions and Q&A’s with industry professionals. 

If you would be interested in partnering with Not Too Tame as one of the locations for our ‘Access All Areas’ or would like more information please contact our Producer, Natasha, at and we'll be happy to furnish you with further information or set up a phone call with Jimmy Fairhurst, our Artistic Director

Jimmy will be in Edinburgh between 11th-14th August. If you have half an hour to spare and would care to meet with him face to face and have a chat over a 'wee dram' or a coffee we can make arrangements for that.


‘CINDERELLA; A Wicked Mother of a Night Out’

by Luke Barnes

"A Godsend” 




‘Electric Eden’

"This is immersive theatre for people who don’t think they do immersive theatre "  


(Electric Eden- Edinburgh 2016 & Shanghai International Arts Festival 2018)




"The young ensemble is engaging, the writing sharp and Fairhurst’s direction deft. A bravura site specific production."