Edinburgh International Festival 2018

World premiere of 

Northern Souls

BY Toria Garbutt 


 "Rendered unemployed by Arkwright's spinning jenny at twelve years old. No wonder she became a ludite. Happily, she turned to the pen, with astonishing results. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, our mellifluous girl from the hills,Toria Garbutt!" 

Dr John Cooper Clarke 




11.15pm - FRIDAY 10th & Saturday 11th August 2018

  Paines Plough Roundabout, Summerhall

EDinburgh fringe festival

Award Winning Not Too Tame, deliver a raucous and raw night of lyricism, laughs and live music in the world premiere of NORTHERN SOULS. NTT’s first one woman show performed by Louise Haggerty takes the autobiographical work of performance poet, Toria Garbutt (currently touring with Dr John Cooper Clarke) and blends it with the comedy, pathos and electrifying style of an NTT production. Big tunes, big heart and the true story of a voice that rattles with excitement and demands to be heard; beautiful and bold! Ladies & gents, lads and lasses, NTT are back so charge your glasses!


Toria Garbutt

Performed by
Louise Haggerty

Jimmy Fairhurst


Northern souls girls.jpg