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Theatre Wales


After talks with the playwright, Trevor Griffiths, about his unique ideas for the Production, Artistic Director Jimmy was personally given the green light to move forward with 'Oi For England' as NTT's first ever production. 

Set in Moss Side, Manchester - scene of its own riots in July 1981 -Griffiths' play gives voice to this tinderbox of disenfranchised youth in the form of four skinhead would-be musicians, who gather in a dusty basement to vent their frustration in violent, angry songs played on ripped-off instruments.

The Skinhead Punk band rehearse in the hope of getting their first gig. Tonight a stranger known as ‘The Man’ offers them one, but at a right wing rally. The lads are split – do they take the work – “That thing people used to do a lot of” or turn down the ‘Nazi!?’ And where did that money come from if there’s nothing up front?’ Will they play? Loyalties are tested. What’s more important Money, Music, Mates or Morality?


Top image by Francesca Moody.

Production shot by Kirsten McTernan.

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"without equal!" 

Theatre Wales


Jimmy Fairhurst

Assistant Director
Hanna Jarman

Musical Director
Jack Brown