"Every one of tonight’€™s performances were beautifully written, fantastically performed and above all else, extremely engaging."


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Not Too Tame invite you to have a bit of what you fancy at TuckShop! 

The best new writing, fresh live music and bags of retro sweets from NTT and their very special local guests.

TuckShop is a pick of new work from some of NTT's favourite writers and a mix of our trademark electrifying energy, blended to create a new writing night with a twist. A night that's not too well behaved, a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. So satisfy your sweet tooth, come get your fill and tuck into a night of fun, excitement and guaranteed good company!

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Hats off to the amazing Not Too Tame for a fabulous #TuckShop tonight - a company well worth watching!



Mega Impressed with the standard @nottootame #TuckShop. Great writing, brilliant acting and some sharp directing. Go See!


A great night by Not Too Tame and their brilliant #TuckShop - best scratch night I've ever seen!



Punchy new writing & excellent performances @nottootame's #TUCKSHOP @The_Lowry #PProundabout - Atast PicknMix bag of treats!




Andrew Butler, Louise Haggerty, David Mumeni

Luke Barnes, Gabriel Bisset-Smith, John Brittain, Matthew Bulgo, Andrew Butler, Jack Brown, Jimmy Fairhurst, Sam Freeman, James Fritz, Jacqui Honess-Martin, Andrew Maddock, David Mumeni, Nessah Muthy, Christopher Owen, Katherine Pearce, Nicola Schofield, Carla Turner, Joe Ward Munrow, Camilla Whitehall