Not Too Tame are back once again as the Renegade Masters, with power to the people and their ill behaviour!

Under the Influence is a new series of theatre club nights by award winning  Not Too Tame . Each Under The Influencenight will be a cocktail of electrifying immersive theatre, quality new writing and a score of banging live & recorded music.

Every bespoke event will be inspired by a chosen influence to create a unique production of our own dynamic NTT style with classic anthems that rocked that generation.

The next Under the Influence night will be coming soon... 

Immersive theatre  |  Live music  |  No Nonsense 90s Karaoke  |  Resident Not Too Tame DJ playing the cult classics of 90s Britpop scene  |  A night like no other!

**We invite all our audience to fashion themselves in threads and trends of the 90s - so dig out your old Kappa popper trackies and your parka coats! **



The Stage

"There is not a single false note from the company - a celebration of love, life and, due to the show’s own sparkle, theatre."



Broadway Baby  

"Their words bounce and weave, dropping in hilarious one-liners or heart wrenching pathos" 


The Scotsman 

"The young ensemble is engaging, the writing sharp and Fairhurst’s direction deft. A bravura site specific production."



Edinburgh Guide 

"Great cast, great concept, a totally immersive experience that leaves you wanting more."