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The Round 'Ere devising workshops are taught by some of the UK's leading emerging artists in the industry, working with the likes of the RSC, Mike Leigh and the National Theatre.  These workshops look at how to analyse and celebrate identity, experiences and surroundings, in order to produce work with energy, charm and style.

Round 'Ere sessions inspire their attendees and empower them to have confidence in their own creative voice. Be it as an individual or ensemble, these sessions deliver practical skills and knowledge to create imaginative and exhilarating work.

These workshops are designed to expand the possibilities open to the creative process, exploring:

  • The Space

  • The Audience

  • The Performer

  • Style 

  • Live & Recorded Musi

**Key stage 3+, Higher education and Professional level workshops available.




The voice is a key resource for most sectors of industry and public services. Within teaching alone, 60 percent of staff complain of vocal problems resulting in £15,000,000 per annum lost to time off to recover. 

Our vocal workshops look at:

  • Identifying the causes of voice problems

  • Recognising the signs

  • Providing you with effective preventative voice training

  • Giving you confidence in your own voice.

Our practical and effective techniques can be used in your everyday life, even in the car on the way to work. We will train you and your staff to have a strong, supported voice that you can be confident with.




The Loud and Clear course uses professional acting techniques to develop confidence and communication skills to produce a stronger, energised and fearless workforce that can present with clarity and individuality. 

"Tried, tested and delivered fantastic results. We would be happy to recommend these workshops to anyone who wanted a more productive, pro-active and confident work-force. "      

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